What if a friend would like us to adopt her child?

Answer You have to be at least 21 years old.

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Can a parent sign over their child to a friend so her friend can adopt her?

Why would you want to do that babies are sweet adorable and loving and so are children darn you for being mean to those kids how dare you I will make sure no one answers this question so you can't ... Read More »

Can you adopt your friend's child?

lf your friends child OS for some reason up for addoption, than i guess you could.

If the biological father wants to give up his rights and I have a male friend that has been financially and emotionally support the child for years can he adopt the children?

You would have to check the law in your state. Many states will allow this type of adoption. I know that California allows this type of adoption.

If you voluntarily give up your rights to your child and allow a relative to adopt that child can you adopt their children?