What if a child wants to live with a grandparent?

Answer Then the child wants to live with a grandparent, but needs the legal guardian's or parent's consent.

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Can a grandparent get coustody of their 16-year-old grandchild if the child wants to live with the grandparent and does the child have the right to move out of the parents' home?

Answer A 16-year-old cannot leave home without parental consent. If they do and the parents call the police (and I'm assuming they would) then the police will pick the child up and return him/her ... Read More »

How old does a child have to be to decide to live with their grandparent in the state of Michigan?

How old do you have to be to see judge in Wisconsin to go live with grandparent out of state?

IMPROVED ANSWER: Most states provide legal rights for biological grandparents, and every state will consider "the best interest of the child" when faced with an issue involving custody and/or visit... Read More »

When can a grandparent get guardianship of a child?

On One Hand: If the Parents Are UnfitA grandparent can get guardianship of a child if the parents are unfit in the eyes of the court. When you apply for guardianship, the court will initiate an inv... Read More »