What if a 17 month old with temperature of 95 degree?

Answer A child of 7-years-old should not be having sex of any type at all. They are not physically or emotionally old enough. It is damaging for them mentally and physically. It is not lawful to have sex... Read More »

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How do you get rid of a 103.3 temperature on a 18 month old baby?

Call your doctor and ask about alternating ibuprofin and Tylenol also in the mean time make a luckwarm bath not cold and not hot, and sit the baby in it for about 10 minutes if you can.It's advisab... Read More »

Normal temperature for 18 month old?

98.6 for all people, but it can vary slightly, anywhere within .4 of this number is fine.

What temperature is normal for a baby 4 month?

98.6 but they tend to be hotter after naptime so wait like 20min

What is normal body temperature of 5 month old?

normal temp for a 5 month old is between 36.5 and 37.5 that's what our family doctor told us when our 5 month old had a temp. hope this was of some help.Denise.