What if a 14 year old wants to live with the other parent?

Answer It is not legal in many states.

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Can a sixteen year old girl choose which parent she wants to live with because one lets her do what she wants?

Answer No. First, as a juvenile until the legal age of 18, a child cannot choose which parent to live with. They can petition the court to be heard and they can have a parent work on their behal... Read More »

Can a 10 year old in the state of CT decide what parent he wants to live with?

Answer i dont think so u have to be atleast 13 or 14 to decide some times it depends on the situation

What would you do if your child wants to live with you and is afraid of saying something to his or her other parent?

Answer We would discuss it with the other parent. The parent has the right to know.

Can a 12-year-old choose the parent she wants to live with?

Answer No.When parents cannot reach a custody agreement the decision is made by the judge hearing the case.Judges base custodial decisions on what they believe is in the best interest of the child... Read More »