REALLY self conscious about pubic hair?

Answer Don't be so self conscious. If you want an honest opinion about your specific vagina you can post a picture, but there isn't anything wrong with having a little bit of hair. Vaginas are weird, ev... Read More »

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How do i stop feeling so self conscious about my teeth?

You're being hard on yourself because I know alot of people that would do anything to have your teeth! I have seen patients where I work with mis shapen, yellow, chipped, missing that could only wi... Read More »

How to Stop Feeling Self Conscious About Your Weight?

You think to yourself because you're overweight you can't wear cute things like girls that have a better figure than you can wear. You don't think you can look as good as other girls because you're... Read More »

Did I come off as too self conscious in this week’s shoot, and do you think this led to me being eliminated?

While I don't think that you looked insecure, I don't think that you conveyed confidence through your picture. While I really liked your pic, it seemed as though there was no..."chemistry" between ... Read More »

POLL for GUYS: Are you self conscious about your ear hair not matching your nose hair?

I never use to trim my ear hair until a gorgeous redhead asked me one day where I purchased my furry ipod earphones from and I don't think the classy ladies mind the nose hair.