What are some makeup/beauty/hair/skincare products you totally regret buying?

Answer The Neutrogena Wave. $15 to the trash. It was a complete pointless product. All it did was buzz. The simple cleanser serve the same purpose an are much convenient.

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How to Ease Regret?

How to ease regret? Well that's always a tough one. As a tattoo artist, I see a lot of regret and I myself have dealt with it before, but it's pretty easy to get over it. Here is how...

Abortion regret?

i am not here to judge. I myself had one Dec. 5, 2006Last July when my due date was, I cried and cried and you know what, I felt the regret and guilt from it but honestly I was in the same boat (ev... Read More »

How to Make a Guy Regret Losing You?

He has probably dumped you for his various reasons. Maybe it's for a new girl, or he needs time; it could be anything. Whatever it is, you'll be wanting him to regret losing you.

Do you regret having a tattoo?

I think the trick is to be in the right mindset for a tattoo, ive had one covered up because the "artist" did a bad job, but once i had it covered up, it was totally worth it. As a general rule tho... Read More »