What if I mix my own herbal tea?

Answer The herbs that you have said are all generally safe for use in moderation. Some of them have some medicinal effects. For example, Chamomile can be a blood thinner - Read More »

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What is herbal tea?

herbal tea (a herbal infusion made from anything other than the leaves of the tea bush, Camellia sinensis)

What is Herbal Smoking?

I guess that might be spice/incense/K2. a synthetic substitute for marijuana.Very dangerous stuff that can cause seizures, brain damage, death.

What Is a Herbal Vaporizer?

A variety of different herbs are inhaled to receive their beneficial properties, but smoking the herbs creates harmful byproducts due to the combustion of the herb.The healthier and safer alternati... Read More »

What are the herbal plants?

herbal plants can be used for cooking(so most can be edable)and many are used in medicine/treatments, from sickness to luxary body cream.