What if I can't afford my car payments?

Answer Don't panic if you are unable to afford your car payments. Options are available that can help you lower your payments or get rid of the car that is too expensive, according to TheDollarStretcher.c... Read More »

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How to Get Out of a Car Loan If You Can't Afford the Payments?

There are ways to get out of a car loan if you cannot afford the payments. Millions of people are unemployed or took pay cuts in the recession and do not have several hundred dollars every month f... Read More »

How to Choose a Car by the Payments You Can Afford?

Many people who try to follow a monthly budget are thrown off when they arrive at a dealership to shop for a new or used car. It's always best to come prepared--paying particular attention to what ... Read More »

How can GM afford to make my payments (If I lose my job) when they can't even pay their own bills.?

Your payments aren't even significant rounding errors on the scale of GM's total income and expenses. If they can operate at all, they can make (or forgive) your payments. Which leads to the ques... Read More »

If you were moving into the city for a few years and do not need a car which you are still making payments on - can you drop the insurance policy and continue to make payments on the car?

Answer Typically, (depending upon your state) if you wish for a vehicle to NOT be insured any longer, you would need to turn in the license plate before being able to discontinue the insurance. B... Read More »