What iPod has the most gigabytes and how many is that?

Answer iPod classic 160gb

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How many gigabytes is a movie on an iPod?

The movie file size depends on many factors, but ideally, a two-hour movie is anywhere between 1 to 2.5 GB. A typical movie file meant for the iPod is encoded at 320x240 resolution in H.264 compres... Read More »

How many gigabytes are in an iPod mini?

Answer "it matters, check the back you usually see it there"

How many gigabytes do you need to watch movies on an ipod touch?

IPod Touch devices come with adequate space for movies. Exact space necessary to load a movie on an iPod Touch varies based on movie size and how much material is already present on the device. Acc... Read More »

How many GIGABYTES in 710,000 KYLOBYTES?

Using Approximate values:1000 KB = 1 MB1000 MB = 1 GBso : 710,000 / 1000 = # of MBs = 710 MB710 / 1000 = # of GBs = 0.71 Gigabytes