What iPhone app is it that identifies whatever song you're listening to?

Answer Shazam- An iPhone App which identifies music playing and give you links to the song in the App store and YouTube.midomi- You can sing a song, say the words, have your iPhone listen to the music, or... Read More »

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What is the song that there listening to at the end of the Laguna beach episode the last dance?

Is there a song right now that you keep listening to over and over And why?

Yes it's called "Behind blue eyes" and I can relate to the lyrics.

How is it possible that my iPhone 3G takes a photo of whatever is on my phone screen Sometimes I'll find a photo in my library of what I was doing on my phone. How is this possible?

Not sure on the iPhone, but on the iPod Touch, if you press the power button + the home button, it saves a screenshot. I guees is the same for the iPhone.

What song are you listening to?

Right now? My daughter is watching Dora the Explorer and my son is watching Scooby Doo. Morph those sounds together and I'm listening to Dora Doo.