What iCarly episode did Sam cuss in?

Answer You are probably thinking of iThink They Kissed. She didn't cuss but it sounds like she said the ''c'' word. Really, she says crab. :)

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What was the first episode of iCarly?

It was called iPilot and it was about Carly, Sam, and Freddie having to watch auditions, and then they saw a girl who could play the trumpet while hopping on a pogo stick, so Freddie video-taped it... Read More »

What is the last iCarly episode?

To date the last episode to air is iOMG; but one more episode of season 3 (iParty with Victorious) is yet to premiere and season 4 is filming now. iCarly was recently picked up for a fifth season.

What was the first iCarly episode?

iPilot~it was called this because every first episode of any new T.V. show is called pilot I am not positive on why but if you are thinking about this same question for anyother show its called pil... Read More »

What happens on iCarly episode iomg?