What hurts more, a tattoo or giving blood?

Answer have to say tattoos hurt more, and if I was you I would not get one. I have 4 of them and regret having any at all. take care good luck

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What hurts more - giving blood or having a tooth taken out?

When I was growing up in the 1960s, I had teeth extracted by my dad with pliers and nothing else. Just the way dentists used to do it before medical advances and novocaine.Having a tooth extracted... Read More »

Giving Blood vs. Giving Plasma?

Blood and its components cannot be manufactured or harvested. People who need blood or plasma transfusions must rely on others who have chosen to volunteer their time to donate their blood or plasm... Read More »

My knee hurts and keeps giving out!!?

The excessive exercise could've made it worse

Throat hurts after giving oral sex?

Hi there,I am not going to freak you out. Here is what you need to know ok, please do not panic.I am sure that you are now well aware that you shouldn't perform oral sex on someone you don't know. ... Read More »