What hurts more A tattoo or a cavity filling?

Answer Hmm, well I've not had a tattoo done before but I've had a few fillings. The shot hurts for like a second. The fillings were no big deal for me. I think you will be just fine.

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What hurts more Sex or a tattoo?

What hurts more, a tattoo or giving blood?

have to say tattoos hurt more, and if I was you I would not get one. I have 4 of them and regret having any at all. take care good luck

Dentist put in wrong cavity filling after charge, what can I do now?

Talk to the dentist first! Hopefully they will pay you back the excess without any further discussion.When it comes to the fillings, I'm very sure there is a good reason the dentist placed silver f... Read More »

First cavity filling :(?

When they use the numbing gel first you hardly feel the needle at all and its just like getting a vaccine its a quick pinch and its done. You dont feel anything really when the needle is in. Don't ... Read More »