WHAT HURTS MORE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Answer There are more nerve endings and nociceptors in muscle fibers. so it would hurt more to get shot in muscle than fat.

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What hurts more?

Belly button...I have 14 piercings and the cartilage ones were the easiest.

My stomach hurts when i dont eat, but it hurts even more when i do ?

Sounds like a classic case of an OVERACID tummy. Quick, chew a couple of Tums antiacid tablets. If not at hand use the 1920s trick ofputting a pinch of Soda (bicarb) on your tongue and washing it d... Read More »

What hurts more Sex or a tattoo?

What do you think hurts more .....?

i think jelly fish but i have heard bee also hurts a lot! :)