What human foods can wild birds eat?

Answer It's best for wild birds to eat specially formulated birdseed mixes. Some human foods are safe for wild birds, but these foods do not make an ideal bird diet. Birdseed should be offered first, with... Read More »

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What human foods can birds eat?

Humans and birds share a wide variety of foods in their diets. Though most pet birds eat commercial birdseed, wild birds eat everything from fruit to fish. You can add some of these foods to your p... Read More »

What do wild macaw birds eat?

A wild macaw's diet includes ripe and unripe fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, plant stems and leaves. Snails and insects provide them with protein. Macaws also ingest the clay soil of cliffs and river... Read More »

What do wild birds like eating?

Birds are some of the most prominent wild animals. Many different kinds of wild birds live in every part of the world, and while they all enjoy eating different things, there are few foods that mos... Read More »

What time of year do wild birds lay eggs?

Wild birds generally lay eggs in spring, which is when the weather tells them it is an ideal time to build a nest and start a family. Some birds will breed year-round if the climate is mild and con... Read More »