What human foods can birds eat?

Answer Humans and birds share a wide variety of foods in their diets. Though most pet birds eat commercial birdseed, wild birds eat everything from fruit to fish. You can add some of these foods to your p... Read More »

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What human foods can wild birds eat?

It's best for wild birds to eat specially formulated birdseed mixes. Some human foods are safe for wild birds, but these foods do not make an ideal bird diet. Birdseed should be offered first, with... Read More »

Birds That Mimic Human Speech in North America?

For many species of birds, vocal mimicry is an important part of their social customs. Birds mimic sounds they hear to add to their repertoire to use in establishing their territory and to attract ... Read More »

What Human Foods Can Hamsters Eat?

A hamster's diet should consist of mostly high-quality, store-bought food that is designed especially for your furry pet. You can feed hamsters several different human foods as long as they are hea... Read More »

What human foods can hurt dogs?

Dogs can get sick and even die if they eat some foods that are perfectly safe for human consumption. In addition to keeping dogs away from where you keep these foods, it is important to refrain fro... Read More »