What houseplants have a deep root system?

Answer Creeping charlie, philedandron types, Mother In Law plant,

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What are the best houseplants for surviving deep shade?

If you are looking for a lot of green then go for peace lilies and cast iron plants. They could grow in a closet.

How to Stimulate Root Growth in Houseplants?

The health of a houseplant's leaves is directly related to the health of that plant's roots. The sophisticated root system pulls nutrients and water out of the soil through a process referred to as... Read More »

Can a tooth with deep pockets still have a root canal&a crown?

On One Hand: Extent of Bone LossDepending on the extent of bone loss, a person with deep pockets can have a root canal and a crown. If the prognosis is good, then investing in a root canal and a c... Read More »

What Type of Root System Does a Grape Plant Have?

After deciding on a grape, grapevine growers have to choose the right location for its vine. Grapevines are not too picky about soil type, but they need soil that offers enough drainage and depth f... Read More »