What houseplants give off the most oxygen?

Answer They all give off about the same.

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Do Houseplants give off carbon dioxide?

AnswerYes, houseplants give off carbon dioxide during darkness and when dormant. Houseplants, and any green plant, absorb carbon di-oxide (Co2) and produce oxygen in the process of photosynthesis.D... Read More »

Do flowers give off oxygen?

yes, they take in carbon dioxide CO2 and give out oxygen O

How does space give us oxygen?

The oxygen we use everyday in a breathable form is not normally found in space beyond our own atmosphere. The plant ecosystem here converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. NASA must transport large conta... Read More »

Why don't houseplants with thick waxy leaves wilt quickly as houseplants with thinner less waxy leaves?

They are more in the tropical family. They hold more liquid because of their genetic makeup.