What household appliance was invented in 1901?

Answer Hubert Cecil Booth, an engineer from Great Britain, invented what is considered the first vacuum cleaner in 1901, according to Morclean. The vacuum cleaner, a horse-drawn device, featured an engine... Read More »

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Which household appliance uses the most electricity?

Heating and cooling are the major categories of energy consumption in an average household, typically accounting for about half of all energy use. For homes with an electric water heater, rather t... Read More »

What household appliance uses the most electricity?

On One Hand: Heating and CoolingAppliances that generate or remove heat tend to use the most electricity in a home. The biggest examples are the refrigerator, a furnace or an air conditioner.On the... Read More »

POLL: Do you have an evil household appliance?

The microwave talks to me. It told me the oven was talking s­h­i­t about me, so I broke the blender to show the oven that I wasn't messing around.

How to Prevent Household Appliance Fires?

Most homes have a multitude of electrical appliances ranging from small kitchen items such as toasters and microwaves to major appliances like clothes dryers and dishwashers. While appliances make ... Read More »