What house plants can live in an aquarium?

Answer Pick any plant that is sold for use with fish. Also possible are water hyacinth, some minature tropical water lilies, such as nelumbo, papyrus and related reeds, etc etc etc etc. The posibilities a... Read More »

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How to Set up an Aquarium With Live Plants?

Setting up an aquarium is pretty basic, but setting up an aquarium that will be planted takes a little more work.

What Are Good Live Plants to Put in My Freshwater Aquarium?

Many people with freshwater aquariums choose to use live plants in them. Freshwater fish can benefit from having live plants in their aquariums because the plants provide oxygen, absorb carbon diox... Read More »

The Basics of Keeping Live Aquarium Plants in Freshwater?

Aquariums add a unique beauty to any home or office. They are often used in designs based on feng shui. Some people prefer to keep just live plants in freshwater tanks, and some prefer keeping fish... Read More »

I'm looking for a house plants that can live with low light.?

Low Light and Big Huh?Look at Peace Lily (Spathephyllum), there are varieties that can be up to 36" tall. You should also consider Snake Plant (Sansevaria), it can also become tall. If money is n... Read More »