What horsepower is a GM 371 diesel?

Answer The GM 371 engine was made during the period 1957 to 1960. This was the first post-war V8 passenger engine to be produced. The motor ranged from 240 HP to a 305 HP on the larger version.Source:442:... Read More »

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How much horsepower do diesel trucks have?

The 2010 diesel models: Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, Ford F-350 Super Duty, Dodge RAM 2500/3500 and the GMC Sierra 3500HD each have a 365, 350, 350, 383 and 365 horsepower, respectively.Source:Diese... Read More »

How much horsepower does a Ford diesel truck have?

According to the Ford Motor Company, the 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup truck, when equipped with a 6.7 L Power Stroke V8 diesel engine, offers a maximum of 390 horsepower at 2800 RPM.Source:... Read More »

What is the horsepower of the Cummins 6.0 liter turbo diesel?

The Cummins inline-six 6.0 liter turbo diesel engine makes 610 lb.-ft. of torque and 325 horsepower. The engine has an actual displacement of about 5.9 liters but is rounded up to 6.0 as is common ... Read More »

How many gallons of diesel fuel make one horsepower hour?

Around 0.0184 gallons of diesel fuel make one horsepower hour. Diesel fuel is normally measured in heat energy and expressed as British Thermal Units (BTUs). BTUs can be converted to work energy, e... Read More »