What horror should i watch?

Answer Horror Movies or TV Shows?Movies:The Descent (my favorite horror movie)Insidious The RingThe Evil DeadThe Cabin in the WoodsTV ShowsBates MotelAmerican Horror Story

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How to Watch a Horror Movie?

Many people really hate scary movies, but at the same time, they love to see them for the scare factor alone. A way to stop getting scared is by watching the non-gory ones, the ones with a great de... Read More »

Horror movies to watch?

The OthersThe Skeleton KeyThe Sixth SenseOrphanThe UninvitedDead EndWind Chill

Which horror film should i watch?

nightmare on elmstreet! scream is sillywell both are but I love nightmare on elmstreet I made my sister watch it when she was 10 and she went 'the graphics are terrible' so if you are into graphics... Read More »

Do you ever watch horror films alone.?

yess like everyday i watched paranormal activity 1 and 2 by myself i prefer to watch them by myself then with people because its more scary lol :)