What hood do you wear if you have two master's degrees?

Answer At an academic ceremony, a participant who has multiple advanced degrees generally wears the hood for the highest ranking degree. However, if a participant has two degrees of the same rank, such as... Read More »

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What type of hat did robin hood wear does it have a name?

Robin Hood would have worn a hooded mantle called a chaperon, common headgear for that time period (15th C) in England. What is interesting is that the chaperon could not only be worn as a normal h... Read More »

What is the Benefit of Having Two Masters Degrees?

A master's degree is helpful to those who wish to advance their careers. Although there is no restriction on the number of such degrees you can earn, most people shy away from getting more than one... Read More »

What kind of Homeland Security can you get with a masters degrees?

Business Masters Degrees?

Most students enter graduate programs in business a few years after entering the workforce. Masters programs are designed to take professionals to the next level of management by adding advanced bu... Read More »