What homeopathic remedies would you suggest to help treat cyclothymia?

Answer In Homeopathy IGNATIA AMARA is used for mood swings, try it in 30 potency three times a day half hour before meals. To read more about the remedy please click the link below :- Read More »

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How can you tell homeopathic remedies apart from each other?

Because it is virtually impossible - you do the same thing you do in telling two allopathic practitioners apart from each other. To decide which one is useful or useless and tell the difference bet... Read More »

Where to buy homeopathic remedies in Brazil.?

When u arrive here, just ask to the taxi driver to leave u, there is shop of homeopathic in every block…

Vegan Homeopathic Remedies?

For comprehensive information about Homeopathic Medicine please check these sites, as it is too detailed and lenghty to explain here :-…http://www.hpathy.... Read More »

Have homeopathic remedies worked for you?

Dear friend. I can tell you confidently that Homoepathic remedies worked on e and many of our friends, family members .In fact i can more authoritatively pass on you, this opinion, because we have ... Read More »