What home remedy can you use for a sour stomach or nausea?

Answer Soda cracks or dry rusk biscuits or melba toast can work for nausea....most pregnant women use them for morning sickness. Flat ginger ale sipped slowly is also used. There are 3 different herba... Read More »

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Is There a Home Remedy For Nausea?

I am studying to be a registered nurse, and we learned in class the following:UNcarbonated sprite (just let it sit and it will become uncarbonated)plain crackers or breadNO acidic stuff (such as fr... Read More »

What causes sour stomach?

AnswerI was looking for the answer to this question this morning, and this is what I found on :"There are a number of reasons why the level of hydrochloric acid rises and causes a sto... Read More »

No appetite, nausea, can't eat for days and stomach cramps what is it?

hi Leslie. have you been tested for coeliac disease? it is now known to come on at any age not just from birth. i had the illness diagnosed 11 years ago although i had it undiagnosed since birth. t... Read More »

How to cure a sour stomach?

Think about what you ate and see if that is the cause. Try going to the bathroom and take calcium carbonate with water. If its not eased off by the next day, see a doctor because it could be a hern... Read More »