What home remedies do you know of that can cure a cold?

Answer May sound nasty but the important thing is to get all the mucous out and keep it from reforming. Take a good 12-hr allergy pill to stop the runny nose at night and for the rest of the time drink a... Read More »

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What home remedies do you recommend to cure common cold and fever?

I do very well with echinacea and garlic. Also Sinus Support by Nature's Sunshine does very well to clear up my sinuses. Nature's Sunshine products have always proved to me to be the most potent an... Read More »

I would like to know best home remedies to cure acnes and blackheads?

Whenever I get a blackhead, as soon as i get out of the shower, i take a little dot of toothpaste and apply it to the blackhead. leave it there for about 5-10 minutes, wash it off, and soon the bla... Read More »

Are there any home remedies that work to cure posion ivy?

Probably not for that much of an area.You probably need to see a at least need prednisone or some sort of injectible steroid to help "dry" it up from the inside. Has it gotten ANY bett... Read More »

I have a cold. You know the usual coughs, sneezes and stuffy nose. Any home remedies?

Hot honey in milk always works a treat. failing that a hot toddy will do