What home remedies can I try for thin, dry hair?

Answer Thin, dry hair can be the product of environmental irritants and everyday hair-care products or genetics. Try any of several natural remedies at home and avoid spending large amounts of money on sa... Read More »

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Natural Home Remedies for Thin Hair?

According to a survey by Shop Smart Magazine, thin or fine hair is the number one hair complaint. Thin hair can affect anyone of any age and can be brought on by hormone fluctuations, poor hair car... Read More »

What are good home remedies to get soft hair?

almond oil is very good for hair..apply oil n stay for half an hour before washin it.dun let oil stay in yo hair for long thinkin it mite produce better results..the best results ll come only in th... Read More »

What Are the Treatments & Home Remedies for Oily Hair?

Oily hair tends to be a problem for people with straight and fine hair. When the hair is oily it makes the hair stick to the scalp and the hair appears greasy which can also make it hard to style. ... Read More »

How to Thin Hair at Home?

Thick hair can sometimes feel like an unwieldy mop. Children with very thick hair often have difficulty keeping it clean and well brushed. The need for styling products and constant combing is ofte... Read More »