What home remedies are there for constipation?

Answer Prune juice!!!

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Remedies for constipation?

Homeopathic Treatment for Constipation (Without any side effects or complications of any kind) :-Chronic constipation; much flatus, distention of abdomen Coca Q(mother Tincture) 6 hourly,10 drops i... Read More »

Is there any good home remedies for a hangover ?

Take one shot of whiskey and a hot shower. The whiskey will dull the headache, and the shower, aside from making you smell better, will actually make you sweat some of the toxins out. Also drink so... Read More »

Hi are there any home remedies that I can use for my acne?

I used to breakout in acne due to oily skin myself. Genetic and Stress can affect hormones and can theoretically promote acne. Here are some home remedies that can help but do not mix them together... Read More »

Is there any home remedies for tooth pain?

Hydrogen petocide, it is safe to use it as mouth wash. I use it after flossing then let it bubble in your mouth for a few minutes. Then I brush, I havent had a cavity in 16 years, I want best answe... Read More »