Do I need a high school diploma or a GED to attend a tech school?

Answer Tech or trade school requirements vary, sometimes according to state laws. The tech school will be able to tell you the exact requirements for what you plan to study. Regardless of these requiremen... Read More »

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How to Attend High School With Scholarships?

In many areas of the country private high schools provide a superior education to the nearby public schools. However, as the schools are private they do not receive tax money from the government an... Read More »

Where did Muhammad Ali attend high school?

Before he was known as one of the greatest and most famous boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali was Cassius Clay--a student at Central High School in Lexinton, Kentucky, where he graduated 376th out of... Read More »

Where did Barack Obama attend high school?

President Barak Obama attended the country's largest private high school, Punahou in Honolulu, Hawaii. Punahou was a school for the wealthy and elite; Obama was neither of these but gained a schola... Read More »

What high school did Laverne and Shirley attend?