What hex color code is "Facebook blue"?

Answer 3B5998RGB of 59, 89, 152

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What color pant goes with blue color shirt?

What color marble dust is needed to achieve a deep blue pool color?

If blue, red, and yellow are primary colors, why do color TVs use red blue and green?

Red, blue, and yellow are primary colors for pigment.Red, green, and yellow are primary colors for light. The two are not the same.

How do you put a smiley or heart in your Facebook status or a facebook message What's the code you use!?

For chatting, there are 22 different codes you can use.:) smile:D bigger smile:P tongue smile:o surprise (can also be done as :O ... ):( sad:'( cry8) cool glasses:( This is the >.< face.3:) Devil..... Read More »