What herbs repel insects?

Answer Almost all herbs are good for discouraging insect pests, because almost all herbs have strong scents.sage is helpful planted next to cabbage to improve the taste and repel cabbage worms and moths.G... Read More »

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Which herbs can you grow with your vegetables to help repel insects?

Try Chrysanthemums. They have a natural insecticide called pyrethrum. Answer Most aromatic herbs will help repel garden pests. The volatile oils they give off interfere with the chemical sensors in... Read More »

How to Repel Insects With Beer?

Insects can be a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor pests like gnats, flies, and mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise pleasant patio experience, and indoor pests like cockroaches can spread ha... Read More »

Do outdoor plants repel insects?

More commonly outdoor plants attract insects for flower pollination, but there are a few species that naturally repel insects. Marigolds, tansy, lavender, nasturtiums, pennyroyal, petunias and most... Read More »

Herbs That Repel Moles & Erosion?

Moles may eat insects and control insect outbreaks, but the creatures can be the bane of a homeowner's existence as their burrowing can ruin a lawn and garden. There are a few natural ways to eithe... Read More »