What herbs are used for an herbal heating pad?

Answer When suffering from muscle strains, aches and pains, or a miserable headache, one of the best and most effective methods of treatment is to apply a heat wrap or heating pad to your problem area. Fi... Read More »

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What is the difference between Chinese herbal medicine and the Western herbs?

There are thousands of herbs used in traditional chinese medicine. They have studied them there and proven over thousands of years their effectiveness in healing the body and conditions......these... Read More »

Herbal Tinctures - I've been making mine using herbs and pure vodka as a base but can you add water?

yes it works. Personally I think you should make them as needed, half the thing with holistic medicine is the freshness.

What herbs can be used for tea?

Most herbs can and are used for teas (infusions) however not all of them taste all that great. As long as an herb can be taken internally without harm to the person consuming it, then it can be mad... Read More »

What Herbs are used in medication for flu?

Look at this document for symbols: