What herbs are easy to grow?

Answer Oregano. Perhaps the easiest. Once a sprig is planted you should have a border of some type to help stop it from spreading. It does grow like a bush and would need pruning if you like. This fine he... Read More »

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What veg and herbs etc. are easy to grow in the uk?

What Do I Need to Grow Herbs?

Herbs can be grown outdoors when weather permits or year-round indoors. West Virginia University recommends the use of several planters--one for each type of herb--to account for soil and water pre... Read More »

What herbs grow in the sand?

Answer Any plant will grow in the sand if it is watered (mechanically, if need be) according to the plants needs.If you mean "what herbs grow in the sand naturally?" .... I have seen Datura aka ji... Read More »

What herbs are your favorites to grow?

I planted a few herbs for the first time last year, all of them in cedar container boxes - not in the ground. The ones I had the most success with were...Basil - does best when it's crowded, eithe... Read More »