What herbicide is in SedgeHammer?

Answer SedgeHammer is the commercial name for the chemical herbicide also known as halosulfuron-methyl. SedgeHammer provides post-emergence control of sedges such as yellow and purple nutsedge in turfgra... Read More »

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What is an herbicide?

Herbicides kill plants by interrupting their normal growing cycle. There are basically two types--selective and nonselective. Selective herbicides kill weeds without harming the surrounding turf gr... Read More »

Effects of Herbicide?

Herbicides are often used to kill troublesome weeds that hinder plant growth. They have a variety of both beneficial and harmful effects on plants, humans and the environment. According to Professo... Read More »

What Is Treflan Herbicide?

Treflan herbicide is a brand of pre-emergence herbicide that is used in gardens and farms. Treflan prevents weeds from growing and stealing nutrients from the plants. Treflan is safe enough to use ... Read More »

How do I mix Weedmaster herbicide?

PreparationPut on protective clothing that covers all visible skin. Wear gloves, a mask and protective eye goggles. Pour water into a garden sprayer, and add 5 fluid oz. of Weedmaster herbicide. Cl... Read More »