What herbal remedies or things that I can do to help me sleep?

Answer Melatonin.( nothing else worked for me..Valerian, Camomille, warm milk, St John's Wort, lavender etc..big 0...too hyper I guess)It is found in any health shop or pharmacies over the counter. And it... Read More »

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Are there any herbal remedies that will aid sleep?

Yes!!!Kava Kava root is excellent for aiding sleep, as long as you get it in a strong dosage. I recommend the powdered form for its strength (like the brand Kava King), but it tastes awful. It also... Read More »

Are there any herbal remedies/medications that would help relax and release inhibitions in social situations?

Yes, there is, and it's 100% legal and unregulated in the continental US.Kava is a mild hypnotic sedative drink that's been used in the polynesian islands for a long time for what you mentioned. It... Read More »

Have you found herbal remedies for sleep any good?

No it won't wear off at all...valerian, hops and passionflower you will find in most natural sleep aids...they are powerful calming agents versus being sedatives.What will happen is you may get to ... Read More »

Natural things that really help you sleep?

In addition to the answer above, tart cherry juice is helpful too :)