What herbal remedies can I use for bad anxiety/tension?

Answer It really depends on what is causing the depression. Try Valerian Root.

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What herbal remedies or things that I can do to help me sleep?

Melatonin.( nothing else worked for me..Valerian, Camomille, warm milk, St John's Wort, lavender etc..big 0...too hyper I guess)It is found in any health shop or pharmacies over the counter. And it... Read More »

What is the best way to fall asleep without drugs or herbal remedies?

Some things that help me are:readinghot cup of teaand especially, my sound machine that plays realxing sounds like spring rain, summer crickets, white noise and ocean waves. It really works well.

What are the natural herbal remedies and exercises to control high/low blood pressure?

Blood pressure reading depends upon several things1. Age (BP slightly increases with advancing age)2. Mental activity ( Tension, fear, grief etc causes increase in BP)3. Food habits (Highly seasone... Read More »

Herbal remedies good or bad?

Herbal remedies have all the same risks chemical remedies do. There's always the chance for allergic reaction, interaction between them and other natural or chemical substances you might be taking... Read More »