What helps you sleep without drugs?

Answer Meditation...or if you have a good herbal doctor [I am blessed to have the best], he/she can make you some "sleepy time" tea. Not sure of everything that is in it, but I know it involves chamomile,... Read More »

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What helps you go to sleep?

I have insomnia too. Sometimes self-hypnosis works. I mentally picture being in a meadow and following a narrow path down to a slow, lazy stream. I try to imagine the birds chirping, the warm br... Read More »

What is an herb that helps you sleep?

Melatonin? It's an over-the-counter remedy. I'm not sure if it's herbal, though.

How to fall asleep earlier or what helps you go to sleep?

i have two way to get back your good night sleet on healthy life line!! and this are (easy way or hard way)[but maybe its good to try the easy way first and the easy way are] 1-maditation or music... Read More »

What in your experience helps a baby sleep through the night?

A bath, a soothing activity before bedtime - reading or listening to music, a kiss goodnight, favourite toy, nightlights but otherwise dark, door slightly open, well ventilated