What helps animals&plants survive?

Answer Because plants and animals are living organisms, they require certain resources and elements in nature to survive. While some plants and animals are simpler than others, they are all relatively com... Read More »

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What helps a cactus survive the heat?

They aren't affected much by heat just because they are use to it. They survive the dry by conserving water that they get and using it in tiny proportions.

What environmental adaptation helps the ginger plant survive?

Yes, you can grow grass on fabric. However, you need optimal conditions to do so. Some commercial growers grow seedlings on several types of textiles including burlap and a specially developed non-... Read More »

Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?

If you're pre-diabetic, or a non-diabetic, then exercise alone will not prevent you getting it (there are many lifestyle and genetic factors), but it's definitely a huge benefit.If you're diabetic,... Read More »

Do you know anything that helps pink eye to go away Please help?

Pink eye in the broad sense, can be caused by mechanical, viral or bacterial means at least. If it is mechanical, you just have to remove the cause. If your red eye is viral, it will go away on i... Read More »