Operation on nose due to stuffy/runny nose. is it safe?

Answer Yes, it is...Good luck!

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What do you do to get rid of stuffy nose?

eat habenero pepper.turn hot water on and breathe the steam.

How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

rub your nose REALLY hard && quickly with you two fingers ( index and middle to be exact) and it should be better right away

Can milk cause a stuffy nose?

On One Hand: Milk Does Not Create MucusIt is a common belief that drinking milk will increase mucus causing nasal congestion, better known as a stuffy or runny nose. Dr. James M. Steckelberg, of th... Read More »

How to Relieve a Stuffy Nose?

Nasal congestion--a stuffy nose--happens when the tissues and blood vessels inside the nose become swollen with extra fluid. Colds, influenza, allergies to dust, pollen, and pet dander or irritatio... Read More »