What helps a plant attract insects?

Answer Flower and scent.

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How Do Flowers Attract Insects?

Few things in life are more enjoyable than to watch a patch of colorful flowers swaying in the breeze, giving off pretty scents and with insects---such as bees and butterflies---alighting from plan... Read More »

What helps a plant grow?

Answer First, a seed gets planted. Then the roots push out of the seed and into the ground. After a while the stem pushes out of the growing seed. The roots carry water and food up to the plant to ... Read More »

What temperature of water helps a plant grow better?

What environmental adaptation helps the ginger plant survive?

Yes, you can grow grass on fabric. However, you need optimal conditions to do so. Some commercial growers grow seedlings on several types of textiles including burlap and a specially developed non-... Read More »