What help can a pregnant teenager expect?

Answer Oh now there is a great deal of places a teenager whio i s pregnant can go to for help, thee are many organizations who help them with money and will also guide them, it is no longer a thing of old... Read More »

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Where can a pregnant teenager go for help when she has to leave home?

A friends your boyfriends or a shelter of some sort. or a realtive.

What should you expect when you are pregnant?

What symptoms should you expect if you are six weeks pregnant?

Answer The First Trimester(Week 1 - Week 12) * Your period is absent, or you may spot slightly when your period would have been expected or when the fertilized egg implants the uterus. * You... Read More »

What is the percentage of a teenager getting pregnant?

Out of 6 million pregnancies is 750 000 of them by teens.