What height should the light above a pool table be?

Answer For most lighting fixtures, the distance from the bottom of the lamp shade to the center of the bed of the pool table should be 36 to 42 inches. A general method of hanging your light would be to ... Read More »

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How High Should a Pool Table Light Be?

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How Far Should a Light Be Over a Pool Table?

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Height of a Chandelier Above a Table?

Whether it's dripping with cut crystal, hand-forged from blackened iron or made from a prized set of deer antlers, a pretty chandelier hanging over a dining table is the crowning glory of the room.... Read More »

What is a regulation pool table height?

Regulation height specifications for a pool table range between 29 1/4 inches minimum to a maximum of 31 inches. This measurement is from the bottom of the pool table leg to the playing surface. Po... Read More »