What height of basketball goal do 4th graders play on?

Answer The regulation height of baskets in all age divisions organized by the Youth Basketball of America is ten feet. Many youth basketball programs use lowered rims for their younger divisions. Typicall... Read More »

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What is the height of an elementary basketball goal?

The official height for baskets from junior high to the NBA is 10 feet. Some elementary schools lower this to 9 feet, or even 8 feet for young children, but there is no official height regulation a... Read More »

What is the height of a jr. high basketball goal?

Official NBA, high school and junior high school basketball goals should be 10 feet high. Measure from court level to the center of the metal hoop. Heights may be adjusted for home or recreational ... Read More »

What is the legal basketball goal height?

The regulation height of a basketball hoop on an official court is ten feet from the playing surface to the top of the goal. This is the height used in the NBA. The basketball court for NBA and NCA... Read More »

What is a field goal attempt in basketball?

A field goal attempt in basketball is any shot by a player during the course of a game, with the exception of a free throw. A line on the court marked off at a specific distance differentiates a tw... Read More »