What height does a child have not to use a booster seat?

Answer I believe the answer is 4'9". There is also a weight limit if your child is on the shorter side. If your child does not meed either requirement, then you have to use a booster seat.

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What is the mainamum height for a child on a booster seat?

put them in the corner or tell them if they run you are going to take away their favorite toy or activity away until they learn to stop running

What height must a child be to stop using a booster seat in the UK?

4'6 is the limit but i wouldn't put my kid in a booster seat at that i would not put a 12 year old boy in a booster seat. But it's the parents decision.

Do I need a booster seat Car seat laws say that people below a certain height or under the age of 6 need a?

i think most states have different regulations on it.. my sister is 15 and about 4'7", and around here she was still expected to be in some type of booster until approximately the age of 10. in par... Read More »

What height do you have to be to not be in a booster seat?