What height can children not need a booster seat?

Answer No more than 2 to 2-1/2 feet tall

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At what height can children go without a booster seat?

Technically no! Unless the 17 year old is now 18 and has a job, and a place to live along with many other things. I think the best thing to go it go talk to a teacher, ask for help and tell them th... Read More »

Do I need a booster seat Car seat laws say that people below a certain height or under the age of 6 need a?

i think most states have different regulations on it.. my sister is 15 and about 4'7", and around here she was still expected to be in some type of booster until approximately the age of 10. in par... Read More »

What height must you be to not use a booster seat?

In Idaho, you have to be above 4 foot 8 inches, or over 90 lbs.

What height do you have to be without a booster seat?

To get out a booster seat you have to be at least 4 feet 9 inches