What height can a child sit in front seat?

Answer As far as I know, you have to be 13 to sit in the front, but you may want to check on the internet again because it is different for each state. You have to weigh 80 lbs

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What height does a child need to be to ride in the front seat?

At what height should a child be to ride in the front seat of a car?

actually it isn't what height it is how old the child has to be because if you put a child in the car and they are only 4' feet then you can get a ticket the child has to be older than 11 to ride i... Read More »

Height and weight for child in front seat of car?

There is no nationwide answer to this question. It varies from state-to-state. Contact your state DMV or local law enforcement agency.

What is height requirement for child to sit in front seat?

Technically no! Unless the 17 year old is now 18 and has a job, and a place to live along with many other things. I think the best thing to go it go talk to a teacher, ask for help and tell them th... Read More »