What heat source is used in a clothes dryer?

Answer Electric clothes dryers and gas clothes dryers use different heat sources. Electric clothes dryers use electricity to heat a coil, then blow hot air over tumbling clothes. Gas clothes dryers burn n... Read More »

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How to Use Excess Heat From Clothes Dryer to Heat Spaces?

Every dryer in the drying cycle puts out a lot of heat. However, most of it gets lost as it gets ventilated outside. Although the dryer is certainly performing a function while it is drying your cl... Read More »

Is a gas clothes dryer a heat producing appliance?

Yes, and not only heat but it does produce carbon monoxide also as a by product of combustion

How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Clothes Dryer that Has No Heat?

If your Kenmore dryer stops heating, there are several things you can do before resorting to calling the appliance repairman. You can perform a few relatively simple checks with the aid of a few to... Read More »

If i vent dryer heat into house, will a dehumidifyer take care of the dryer moisture?

This isn't worth the risk. You are creating the potential for all kinds of problems, everything from moisture issues to dust and dirt in the house. This is a really bad idea