What headphones should i buy for my pc. which one are the most easy on the ears?

Answer I bought some really good ones from Wal Mart for twenty US dollars. I still use them 4 years later. Ther are comfortable,and I use them for movies, music, and chat. The brand I have is Logitech. T... Read More »

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Over ear headphones or in ear headphones which lasts longer which should I get and why do you think I should get them please tell me reasons on why you would get them?

Are Ultimate Ear headphones better for your ears then other headphones?

Yes. Ultimate Ear headphones are, as claimed, ultimate, meaning that all other headphones and their manufacturers cower in their presence. Ultimate also makes frisbees.

Will most ir transmitters work for most ir headphones you have only the headphones?

The cheapest ones are about 60 or 50 dollars it depends on which earphones you want to buy.

Which SkullCandy In Ear headphones have the most bass?