What headphones have the best beat?

Answer Beats by Dr. Dre The answer to this is almost purely personal preference. Assuming you mean bass, I personally think Skullcandy and Sennheiser are very good brands for the money. If you want to spe... Read More »

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What are the best moster beat headphones?

Studios for sure. They have the beat sound quality by far an have impecible bass.worth every penny you pay for them!

You are looking to buy new over-ear headphones for your ipod which headphones have the best sound quality and bass for around 50?

In my research I have found that Hearos HiFi's are re-labeled ER-20's.

What headphones have the best bass?

What are the best headphones you have ever owned/own?

IMO....I would recommened wired headphones, better sound quality most the time, and you don't have to worry about your headphone batteries dying.Skullcandy headphones aren't worth the price you are... Read More »