What headphones are recommended for basketball players?

Answer not necessarily needed but if you want to talk to your mates then yes

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What basketball players guest starred on suite life on deck?

What was first used for players to shoot at instead of basketball goals?

The hoops for the first official game of basketball were peach baskets set up by the sport's creator, Dr. James Naismith, in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1892. About 1,000 years before Naismith d... Read More »

What is the maximum number of players allowed on an NCAA men's basketball team?

For the 2010 basketball season, the NCAA allowed 14 team members to be in uniform for any given basketball game. Any of those players can be replaced with another player up to 10 minutes before the... Read More »

How many players are on an NBA basketball team?

League rules require each NBA team to have 12 players on its active list, and at least one player on its inactive list, for a minimum total of 13 players. NBA teams are allowed to have as many as t... Read More »